Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Think before you act


In life you have choices, and there are consequences for every choice you make. So if you decide to rob a bank, it's a good chance you're going to jail for that shit. If you decide that her ass is so phat that you just gotta get a taste, knowing that all yo homies hit too, there's a good chance that you'll catch a disease that will set ya dick on fire. (or worse) If you walk up to a stranger and slap them, they'll probably slap yo ass back. Ladies...if you're letting him get it with no condom don't be surprised when you end up pregnant or ya pussy start burning like a bitch. Think before you give it up. Him having a car shouldn't make him worthy. What are his life goals? How does he treat his mother? Is he a good father to his kids? Think before you act. Your life will be better for it... (In other words) you'll stay out of unnecessary bullshit.

You're welcome.

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